6 Chicken Breasts

1 package egg noodles

8 cups of low sodium chicken broth (64 ounces)

2 tbsp of Better than Bouillon Chicken Base

1 diced carrot

1 stalk diced celery

2 cloves minced garlic

Bald Man Back Rub Seasoning

2 TBSP Thyme

Black Pepper (to taste)

  • Spray a crock pot with non stick cooking spray.  Place the chicken breasts in the crock pot and cook on high for 3-4 hours until fully cooked.  Place the cooked chicken breast into a bowl and shred.  Season the shredded chicken liberally with Bald Man Back Rub seasoning.  
  • Drain out the fat and 70-80% of the broth from the crockpot.  Add the remaining ingredients into the crock pot with the shredded and seasoned chicken and cook on low for 1 hour or until noodles are tender. 
  • Serve immediately.